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315. Happy Holidays from the definitive developers podcast
In this special holiday episode, we reflect on the year gone by. In a time full of challenges, we extend warm holiday wishes to our listeners, acknowledging the turmoil present in the tech industry and the world at large.
314. XP Value - Respect
Following our series of discussions on XP values, this conversation covers the idea of respect and how things change when it is upheld. Tune in to hear a breakdown of why it is so integral to success and what it means for our relationship with code as well as one another.
312. Feedback From Humans and Non-Humans Alike
In this episode, we delve into the world of feedback in software development. We explore how feedback, in the context of Extreme Programming (XP) values, goes beyond traditional human communication.
313. XP Values - Courage
In today’s episode, we explore the crucial concept of courage in programming. It may be a far cry from slaying dragons, but courage in programming is not for the faint of heart.
311. XP Values - Simplicity
Extreme programming (XP) continues to gain popularity as more and more teams are using it to enhance their development procedures. In today’s episode of The Rabbit Hole, we explore one of the core values of XP: simplicity.
309. 9 Roles for Creating Results or Growing a Team w/ Esther Derby (Replay)
Today on the show we will be discussing responsibility for results versus responsibility for improvement in terms of your management and team style and what kind of forms and shapes that takes.
310. XP Values - Communication
In this episode, we delve into the world of Extreme Programming (XP) values, with a particular focus on communication as key. We discuss the importance of effective communication in software development, especially in a remote work environment.
308. BDD [Behavior-driven Development] (Replay)
On today's replay episode, our host Dave Anderson and producer William Jeffries discuss end to end testing.
307. Motivation (Replay)
In episode 307 we replay our talk about motivation — what keeps us up at night and what gets us out of bed every single day?
306. Imposter Syndrome (Replay)
Today on the show we are joined by none other than our host, Michael Nuñez’s brother, Steven Nuñez! Steven will be helping us in our discussion about a very special topic and one that is very common amongst developers, imposter’s syndrome! Sound familiar?
305. Mastering the Art of Closure: Conquering WIPs in Life and Work with Brian Lam
In agile development, it’s important to eliminate work in progress (WIP) as much as possible, since it can reduce productivity, scatter focus, and increase wait time for new functionality.
304. Testing Tango — Arrange, Act, and Assert
In today's episode, we delve into the testing tango and the art of Arrange, Act, and Assert (AAA), a practice that is essential when writing tests in order to structure them in a way that is coherent to other developers who may come across them.
303. Testing Tango: Red, Green, Refactor, and Why It’s Important To Follow Those Steps
The red, green, refactor approach helps streamline testing and development processes, improve code quality, and foster collaboration. It promotes a disciplined and iterative approach to software development, resulting in more reliable and maintainable systems.
302. Is AI a Friend or Foe? Can We Get Ahead of It??
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to bring significant benefits and advancements to various fields, including healthcare, transportation, education, and more. It can automate tedious tasks, improve efficiency, and enhance decision-making processes.
301. Introducing a New Podcast — Scaling Tech with Debbie Madden!
Today on The Rabbit Hole we are sharing an episode from Scaling Tech with Debbie Madden, who is the Founder and Chairwoman here at Stride. The podcast is well worth checking out and listeners can expect to hear some great conversations between Debbie and top tech leaders and experts on a wide variety of contemporary issues facing the industry.
300. GitHub... And Actions!
Have you tried GitHub Actions? In this episode, we talk about experimenting with GitHub Actions and why YAML will be the programming language of the future.
299. Seven Senses and Software Development
Created by occupational therapists, a “sensory diet” is a treatment strategy designed to help children feel calm, ready to learn, and in control of their bodies.
298. When the Application Development is No Longer Juicy
In episode 298 of The Rabbit Hole, our panelists will discuss preventing systems from going sour.
297. False Feature Rich may make you poor!
In episode 297 of The Rabbit Hole, our panelists will discuss how false feature rich software has a host of interesting features that can make the customer little or no money.
296. Schedule Slippin’, Fallin’, Can't Get Up? Use XP to Prevent That!
According to the book Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change by Kent Beck, “The basic problem of software development is risk.” One of these risks is that of the schedule slip. In this episode, we discuss how to use XP to prevent schedule slips when developing software.
295. Side Projects (Replay)
On today’s episode, I talk with Emanuel Genard, Liam Jeffries and Dave Anderson, about the side projects they’ve picked up in the past and the opportunities they unlocked, how they manage their time, and what they’re into at the moment. Take a listen!
294. User Stories: Why "gathering requirements" is not a gorram story (Replay)
We regret to inform you that we must share some unpleasant news with you today. If you believe that gathering requirements is a user story, we need to correct that assumption and provide an explanation.
293. Will ChatGPT Take our Jobs? — Let's Talk about it with Planning Poker
In case you haven’t heard of it yet, ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot created by the OpenAI platform. Using prompts, ChatGPT can craft original jokes, plan trips, explain complex topics, and even write code.
292. Build vs. Buy (Replay)
In today’s episode, we discuss why it’s so important to think about the decision of building vs buying before you make it; there are so many factors to take into consideration and you don’t want to act hastily.
291. Prime Directive (Replay)
Star Trek fans recognize the Prime Directive as Starfleet's unwavering mission statement, shaping the team's encounters through its guiding principle. Today's episode of The Rabbit Hole reveals its significance for software developers as well.
290. Benefits of Colocation (Replay)
The pandemic has led to increased anxiety in society, particularly about returning to work in an office setting where the risk of exposure to the virus is higher. While technology has enabled the creation of effective home office setups, there are still benefits to in-person collaboration that cannot be replicated online.